Mwachari, The voice that will soon overtake Diamond Platinumz as East Africa’s Best if given best commercial support

Listen to a Mwachari song, and the Tenor Voice that will strike you will get you think of the list of the best musicians in the World and in Africa whose voices are tenor, the list includes US Musicians Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd e.t.c and back in Africa, you will have to think of none other than East Africa’s best, Diamond Platnumz.

Mwachari is pure talent, his voice ranking with the World’s best and if he gets himself the best commercial managers, he will soon be Africa’s best. The best thing about him is even how is lyrics are wholesome and even though the way his songs are produced is not the best style possible, This guy is heading to the very top.

Talent is one thing, but the commercial approach is usually the most difficult side in any entertainment business and Mwachari needs the best and the most honest Commercial Managers he can get on top of the Talent Managers and it would be a shame if this talent is not showcased the world over.


When you think of Mwachari, think of a younger version Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, R Kelly, Bruno Mars and Diamond Platinumz to name just a few who have a voice close if not similar to his and you will see that this guy just needs someone very responsible to take care of his finances and schedules and leave him to concentrate on fine-tuning his golden voice.


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