Arsene Wenger: “Football is not about winning”……what happened to the Professor??


Every team wins, every team loses, thay is football, but truth be told, no one goes in any football game, or whatever other competition, with winning as his secondary option and that is why, this words by Arsene Wenger are worrying.

Football is first about values, if I can leave that behind me and that maybe somewhere people respect that Arsenal is [not only] about winning or losing, but as well about what is important in the game,” he said.

“My regret personally is that has gone completely underwater. You don’t speak about that anymore, it’s only about the side of the game that is important but is not essential.”

There is only one value in football, play to win and only loose by an accident. All this other values Arsene Wenger is talking about are baseless.

Yes football is about entertainment, but football fans are emotional people, they believe winning ugly is paramount rather than loosing beautifully. No football fan will place beauty over winning.

And anyway, Arsenal are no longer the most entertaining team to watch and its high time Wenger accepted that his so called “values” are gone.

He has achieved his own share of success, yes, but he is totally and singularly the one to blame for his downfall. He has destroyed Arsenal himself because of his rigidity, nothing else. If Wenger was flexible in his thinking, Arsenal still has resources to be at the very top. But Wenger’s way of thinking has never changed in all those 22 years he has been at Arsenal – Its now expired.


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