Arsene Wenger is a failure, has won the Premier League 3 times in 21 years, Alex Fergusson won it 13 times in 26 years, Mourinho has won it 3 times in a combined 7 years


Arsene Wenger:- The Man who derives pride from loosing.

He is a happy looser, that is Arsene Wenger, he always has a perfect excuse of why he lost and it usually has nothing to do with him or his players, last night it was the weather, on Sunday it was the referee and many other times he has excuses. But the worst excuse he has repeatedly referred to this week is that he has lost to the team who are the best team in England. When his team heard him say that on Sunday, they knew it would be okey to loose to Manchester City again and that is what they went and did.

By referring to Manchester City as the best team in England now (and that is the truth) Wenger is acknowledging defeat in the most humiliating ways as each and every single player who is playing for Manchester City now could have easily been an Arsenal player if Wenger was at all interested in winning and he passed the opportunity of signing them all citing money problems.

Money was not the issue as some of the very best players in the Manchester City squad  came in relatively cheap, with both Leroy Sane and Sergio Aguero being bought for less than 38 million pounds, actually they costed almost the same as the money we paid for either Shkodran Mustafi or Granit Xhaka, while they spent almost the same amount of money we spent on Alexandre Lacazette to buy Kevin De Bruyne.

I always get surprised when I hear people talk about Arsene Wenger as very successful because, he has won 3 Premier League titles in 21 years, at Arsenal before him, both Herbert Chapman and George Graham has been able to win 2 Premier League titles in 8 years each, while Sir Alex Fergusson won a whooping 13 league titles in 26 years, most of them from right under the Wenger’s nose.

Another won who has won titles from under the Wenger’s nose is Jose Mourinho, who has won 3 Premier League titles in 7 years ( the combined total of all his 3 stints as a English Premier League manager), and also the European Champion’s League with 3 different teams, one of  which (FC Porto), with all due respects should be considered a far much lowly club than Arsenal

The the issue of Money, Wenger uses the excuse of lack of money to spend in the transfer market as an excuse for the decline of the Arsenal team, but Arsenal has a lot of money, Leicester City have no money and they still managed to beat him to the trophy, while despite the fact that Tottenham Hotspurs have not won anything in a long time, they have created a team worth watching without spending that amount of money and they have overtaken Arsenal both in style and in results.

Excuse of Stadium Construction, Wenger uses the excuse that due to the costs of constructing  the Emirates Stadium, that is why Arsenal  have declined because all their money was used up there but ever since The construction of Emirates Stadium, both Juventus and Atletico Madrid have constructed new stadiums and both have won the respective leagues and twice appeared in 2 Champion’s League finals since. They also look indomitable when you are playing against them in their new stadiums.

Also Tottenham keeps looking better and better and they are also constructing a new stadium, which will be bigger and better than the Emirates Stadium that Arsenal now call home, and Arsenal maybe force to do radical changes to keep the tide on their side as things seems to be changing around the North London.


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