Black is Beautiful:- Silly obsession with lightskin as African women now using pills to breach the skin of their unborn babies.


Lupita Ny

Lupita Nyong,o:- Beautiful Black African Queen


Listening to Breakfast Show at the Kiss 100Fm this morning, I was deeply disappointed to hear that the obsession with the lightskin has hit brand new high levels with some Women in Ghana and other black communities have resorted into using some potentially dangerous pills to breach the skin of their unborn babies

From my own perspective, I have come accross so many deeply dark people who look very handsome and beautiful and I have never been able to understand why anybody seems to think having a lightskin is equal to being beautiful and there are some very white people who still look ugly if you visit, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, some of the countries in the Arab and European World as well as some whites in the USA who look very ugly and they are white.

Beauty is not in the colour of the skin, its in all the other physical features and that is why you would visit Brazil and find some very lightskinned people who look funny because of the shapes of their faces and the dental formula among other things, while you trip to Norway, Denmark and Sweden may land you some very white blonde ladies but then you visit the chest and the backside and there is nothing to write home about.

Mexican Men and Women in the Soap Operas are usually extremely beautiful and elegant, but then you go to some of the backstreets in Mexico and you will not believe your eyes especially if you had been blindfolded all the way to Mexico with a Soap Opera kind of a hook up in mind.

Breaching of the Skin is usually a sign of showing you are disgusted at yourself and you are insecure in your own personality  and  even though bleaching has been popularized by some of these Black Socialites, that has not stopped the some African from looking gloriously awesome and all you have to do is walk on the streets of Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Nigeria, Tanzania as well as watch some of these hot hiphop videos to appreciate the power of the Black Beauty.

Endangering the livers and kidneys of the unborn children is not only primitive, its stupid and downright criminal if that child is born with physical defects or even dies in the womb just because you want a Mzungu (swahili for white man) baby and no matter the colour of your skin, if you are born to be an African, you will always remain African, just ask Michael Jackson when you meet him in the next life.

As we visit the theatres to watch the Black Panther Film, we should realize that we are venturing into  a new age where worshipping of people based on skin colour, trube or race should be thrown into the past and appreciate each other just purely as human beings and the best way to do that must be in accepting who you are first.

But incase you have a problem with your own skin colour, go change it yourself but as for your unborn child, they reserve the right to decide whether they love themselves black or white and also, what good will it do your baby if he is born lightskinned but they are always in hospital with kidney and liver diseases?