Arsenal: Expect Arsene Wenger to name a stupid line up tonight against Ostersunds because of the Sunday game with Man City which he will lose anyway.


Being an Arsenal fan is so painful as Arsenal has a Manager whose mindset is stuck 2 decades ago, he still thinks his team is one of the very best in the World and there are other teams which are extremely easy to beat, the kind of thinking that has eventually landed Arsenal into mid-table mediocrity and into the inconvinience of playing Europa League games on Thursdays.

As Arsenal prepare to face Ostersunds tonight, instead of naming a lineup that will be as competitive as any in Europe, expect Arsene Wenger to name a very weak line-up because according to him, Ostersunds are nobodies and he is not wasting his time thinking of it as it is an obvious win, instead, he will be focussing on how to beat Manchester City in the League Cup final on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Wenger has spread that disease to everyone inside his squad and despite the fact they keep loosing so many games they consider to be simple, they seem to never learn and both Wenger and his players keep underestimating opponents who have over the years grown to be more competitive than Arsenal.

Also, Wenger has a tendency of ignoring the current games they have on the day and emphasizing on the importance of the future games. Which is a terrible disease as good football management must be focussed on winning the next game, which he keeps talking about but goes on to do the opposite.

Wenger keeps destroying the mental attitude of his players as when they loose the games he said were “simple”, usually they go on to loose even that important tough games that the so-called important players were rested for, making it a regular case of double tragedy.

Against Ostersunds, expect the so-called weak players to be named to play, with the so-called strong players reserved to play against Man City but one question Wenger will never ask himself and that is why Wenger must go!, Why does he have weak players in a team as big as Arsenal is?.

As an Arsenal fan I will go to watch both games with very low expectation as as long as Arsene Wenger remains the Manager at Arsenal, Arsenal is doomed!.


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