Francis Ole Kaparo must be very happy and proud of what Charity Ngilu is doing. His silence is telling.

If it had been Ferdinand Waititu who said what Charity Ngilu said, he would be in prison and Francis Ole Kaparo would be on TV, bitterly cricizing him. But question is, aren’t they both Kenyans?


It had descended down to this and having a useless Cohesion Commission who get very paid to do absolutely nothing is really helping Kenya into slowly descending into Civil War.

But when the war comes, all of us will suffer so I do not see any reason why some communities should be afraid of it more than others.

If it ends up being a Civil War, Tribalist King, Raila Odinga will be the main person to blame, for fueling the hatred among Kenyans, then President Kenyatta for letting things get out of control, Chief Justice David Maraga for discriminative administration of Justice and National Cohesion and Integration Committee Chairman Francis Ole Kaparo for being a member of opposition and supporting them even when they are wrong and he is supposed to be controlling them.

People like Charity Ngilu and Miguna Migunas are nobodies, they are just being used as gadgets by someone else for his selfish agenda.



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