Samantha:- Suzuki Alto proving to be Lil’ fine doll at Uber that has top fuel efficiency for taxi business in Kenya


2018 is a new age in Kenya especially for Taxi Operators subscribed to Uber, who have been given new hope by CMC Motors and Stanbic Bank where they can get new fully financed Suzuki Alto 800, with a fuel efficiency of 37Km/Litre under the label UberCHAPCHAP.

This programme was launched  on September 2017 but its now that its starting to catch up as the operators have been able to observe those who took to the programme from the start and they have been able to see the business sense of it and the Alto is fuel efficient, but still powerful enough to operator in and around town, and the initial and maintenance cost are friendly.

The New Suzuki Alto is the 8th generation version of the Suzuki Alto, with the first generation coming way back in 1979, and throughout its lifetime, the Alto has been the epitome of fuel efficiency and reliability, which is always the target of any taxi operator who wants his business to grow

Based on the fact that the Alto option has been introduced around the same time with the famous sex doll, Samantha, and the small hatchback comes with a lovely size and shape, its easy on the eye as it is efficient on the road, I have been tempted to nickname this beauty from Suzuki, Samantha.

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