WHAT IF?!, The Juja family man did not do the killings, the killers surely will go scot free

One look at this house would give you a clear reason to believe that the owner cannot even fail to sleep because if KShs 1.5 million, leave alone brutally kill his family and then kill himself because of it. For a man to get to a position he is building such a house, he must have gone through quite a number of ups and downs on the side of finances to believe he can get over loosing the 1.5 million.

Then, how come there was not even a hint of screaming, from any of his 4 victims, for them to be subdued that much, you need more than one person to hold them down so that they do not scream, If those twins were old enough to ride bicycles, they were old enough to scream loudly even any of them was attacked first or if their mother was attacked first.

Then there is this issue of the money and some people taking a lot of money off him and the issue of tenders and things like that. And yes, money and tenders do have a very huge potential of getting people killed, especially if you either dealt with the wrong people or if you tried to outfox the people you dealt with using backhand tactics.

Whatever the case, those death of that entire family should not be taken at the face value as yet another case of domestic violence, this could also be a case of heinous crime, and the killers may not be dead as all of us have been made to believe, the killers could still be out here walking and talking with us about a crime that they committed.

Did Mr Patrick Nderitu roast himself to death?

Main question is, what part of the evidence pointed at Mr Nderitu as the killer?, just because people in your house are dead and you are dead too does not mean you did it. How did he kill himself?

Mr Patrick Nderitu should be held innocent until proven guilty of those murders and his apparent suicide, if at all anyone will bother to look at other suspects and not close the case with him as the only suspect.

Domestic violence maybe on the rise, but the trend of the Kenyan Police to jump into blaming either of remaining spouses when murder happens is clearly a short cut into not investigating the murders further and so many wifes and husbands are rotting in jail while the people who killed their loved ones are still enjoying the freedom out here.


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