David Ornstein of BBC, John Cross of The Mirror and Guillem Balagué of Sky, What happened to your Aubameyang to Arsenal stories?

Arsenal fans were ecstatic yesterday, hugely excited as Arsenal fans, whose memories serve then right will know that if David Ornstein of BBC Sports, John Cross of Mirror Sports and Guillem Balagué of Sky Sports says something is happening at  The Emirates, then definitely something is happening.

The reason for the ecstasy and excitement was the stories all three, David, John and Guillem had posted in their respective sites about an Arsenal bid for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang bid and his highly expected arrival to The Emirates to replace the outgoing Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez.

What was more exciting was that all the 3 stories were indicating that Aubameyang would be followed in by Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Malcom of Girondins Bordeaux although John Cross had indicated that its impossible for Arsenal to sign all three.

If all three transfers were to materialize, Arsenal fans had every right to celebrate loosing Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott as they would have been replaced by players far much better than them.

The fact that 3 of the most dependable reporters who cover Arsenal news reported it made the whole thing a few tonnes more exciting and clearly I was not left out

But all those 3 stories somehow disappeared a few hours later………Yes, they are not there anymore.

What happened?, Are the 3 deals officially off?.

Now I am scared as I see Arsenal re-signing Yaya Sanogo to replace Alexis Sanchez.


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