Diamond Platnumz: Does he always do it without a condom?

With Diamond Platnumz new (some fake) baby mamas cropping up every now and then all over East and Central Africa, it could only mean the bull has decided to be hitting it natural and latex free, which is understandable and the list of his cuties is impressive as each of them could gloriously amaze on the cover of any top fashion and beauty magazine.

Even the one who missed out on getting the baby, Tanzanian model Wema Sepetu, at least she got him there latex free enough times and the mission only failed because of a problem which she has since gone on to explain

Guess its either latex is overrated, or may Mr Platnumz has decided to adhere to the teachings of Genesis 1: 28, but whichever the case, very few men would pass his baby mamas if they had a chance.



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