PAYE Rates:- The Government of Kenya is not serious about distributing the tax burden, people in formal employment unfairly targeted

Its difficult to make money when you report to someone’s office daily to work for them and here in Kenya, it has been made extremely difficult by the combination of the Government (through taxes) and banks and saccos (through loans) that by the time you receive your payslip, it will look like it has come directly from a bombed site somewhere, completely ravaged

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The PAYE Rates in Kenya (pictured), have been reviewed twice in decades and both reviews have given the formal employees an advantage less than Kshs 1,000.00 a month which is purely a joke if you consider the levels of inflation this country has seen inside those decades. What you could buy for a thousand 20 years ago is 20 times more costly today and a tax saving of KShs 1,000.00 will for sure not be felt at all.

While people in business, especially informal and semi-formal businesses continue raking in tax free millions, formal employee have to pay through the nose for taxes and even for their NHIF with an employee earning KShs paying KShs 1700.00 a month while an informal business earning hundreds of thousands to million will only pay KShs 500.00 but both will enjoy exactly the same benefit.

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In a truly fair economy, The Tax Policy should fair, equitable and adequate but with total focus on taxation trained on citizens who are in paid employment, those hallmarks are not being emphasized on and while some continue to suffer under a heavy tax burden, the country keeps plunging into loans to finance development as they are not collecting all the taxes that they should be collecting, and some people, even some foreigners are taking advantage of that lack of focus.

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