Hopeless Arsenal draws 0-0 with Chelsea in Carabao Cup, Mesut Ozil absence and Alexis Sanchez on the bench could be a very long story

Alexis Sanchez is heading to Manchester City, Mesut Ozil is heading to Manchester United, Theo Walcott is headed to Everton, Francis Coquelin is heading to Valencia, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is already a Liverpool player, Aaron Ramsey is out injured – AGAIN!!, Jack Wilshere limped off injured last night – AGAIN!!!, Granit Zhaka and Mohammed Elneny seems to have forgotten all about football, Alex Iwobi is out of form. All the Arsenal left backs are out injured, Hector Bellerin wants to move to Barcelona e.t.c.

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That is just a little part of the problem that the Arsenal team, who drew 0-0 with Chelsea last night are going through, right now. A very little part of their problems


75% of Arsenal’s problems is their manager, Arsene Wenger who for quite a while now has sworn (to himself) never to allow Arsenal to become a winning team again under his reign. He has other ideas about the team that no one else understands and to be precise, none of those ideas are meant to help Arsenal as a team in any way, they are just some cheap thrills that he loves himself.


20% of Arsenal’s problems is the Board, which seems happy to support Arsenal in his experiments, none of them seems to be much of a football fan, its amazing how they found themselves managing football oriented endeavours, surely money can drive someone out of his way.

5% of the problems are the players themselves, most of them who are just happy to stay and earn a salary without necessarily sweating to much for it.

That leaves the fans as the only stakeholders at Arsenal who keep suffering when experiencing the demise of what was once one of the most beautiful teams to watch and celebrate.


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