Ethiopian and Eritrean Women, among some of the hottest in the whole wide World – That you can get, Colombia leads


Latinas make me go crazy, and Colombia, the home to the fabulous Shakira and Venezuela are the places to go if you looking for the hottest girls in this World, from skin tone, to perfectly balanced body shape, with a fine ass protruding nicely below the waist, then the dark hair finely flowing all the way down their shoulders, fantastic to look at and the feeling that you can actually get one for yourself makes the whole deal a lot more tastier.

Brazil, with their mixed race societal effect showing nicely on their faces are not too far, they are neither dark or light and they are fine (I serious wonder why Brazilian Men have dental formula issues) and a trip to Brazil would be a rewarding one if you know your way around women.

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Philippines women are also so fine, with their semi-latina, semi-asian looks, they are probably some of the most attractive for those who love exotic women, their body shapes and their eyes look much sexier and are not shaped like those of their other asian sisters, and their body shapes take more of latina shapes rather all with the perfectly asian skin tones. Lovely, beautiful.

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Here in Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea (They were once one country) boast some of the hottest women anywhere in the World, with unique skin tone that can never be found anywhere else in the World, apart from that Ethiopian and Eritrean Women are flexible and athletic and you will find most of them with finely toned body shapes.

Those are some countries where you can tour and find amazingly gorgeous ladies.
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(This post is in no way at all meant for gender or racial profiling, its just an honest observation on what pleases my eye)


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