M-Akiba, Lotto, and KCB MPesa among the latest victims of “SMSes from Kamiti” free conmen

The wave of “SMS from Kamiti Prison” is back again and this time, the conmen are mainly using the names of Lotto, M-Akiba loans and KCB Mpesa loans to fleece the naive unsuspecting Kenyans, who, when they report to the police, they will be told that those SMSes are from Kamiti.


That definitely is a well crafted lie by our security forces who are not willing to take the investigations into this crimes any step further, while the culprits definitely keeps walking amidst us looking for prey, to prey on. The conmen are now making it very difficult for M-Akiba, Lotto, KCB Mpesa among others to communicate with their customers as when you see the text, you will suspect its from “Kamiti Prison”, even the genuine ones.

Pop Julia

By now there must be a way that those messages can be intercepted and if there was any goodwill in the hunt of these criminals, definitely a good number of them could have been apprehended by now, but civilians have been forced to ambandon the cases  as when they are told that the culprits are already arrested and serving time, then they feel hopeless about recovering their money, and again, why bother chase an already arrested person?????.


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