“SMS from Kamiti Prison”:- The lie that Kenya police tell to avoid responsibility of finding the conmen

Kenyans keep loosing money to SMS conmen but have been treated to “Those smses come from Kamiti prison” for far too long and even at some point, we were shown a sack-full of sim cards apparently from Kamiti Maximum Prison and Kenyans believe that, but its a lie, its a smart and a smooth way of the Kenya Police saying that they will not pursue the issue any further.

What the police want people to believe is that all criminals and conmen in Kenya have been arrested and jailed but truth is, those SMSes come from anywhere in the country from the balconies of pubs, to offices, to public parks and even a few could come inside the said prison, but clearly, the police either have no idea how to or have no interest in getting those conmen.


Cyber crime is on the rise throughout the World but Kenya Police should engage all the players and as well Kenyans have to report these texts immediately and stop believing they come from jailbirds as its a crime that really needs to be stopped and believing its from Kamiti leaves the actual perpetuators smiling all the way to the bank as no one will go into investigating them.



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