Arsenal humiliated by Nottingham Forest

Forest brought their young players too and they were too good for gunners “rejects”.

Arsene Wenger made a grave mistake and it costed him badly, he chose his unwanted 11 for the match against Nottingham Forest and Forest, whose kits resembled Bayern Munich kits completely outplayed Arsenal. It was impossible to tell which of the 2 teams plays in the Premier League. Arsenal were bad, poor and absolutely clueless


If it has never been obvious for Arsenal Board, the game today should have served as the perfect reason why they should finally part ways with the clueless Arsene Wenger who had no answer to Forest’s attack game and even if he was not on the touchline due to ban, he had a clear view and he had halftime to make important decisions, he didn’t.

He will complain about the penalty the referee bizzarrely allowed to stand despite having deflected off the other foot, but his worry should be more at how just one of the Nottingham Forest player, waltzed through entire midfield and defense to win the penalty.

The other problem is his own players, like Theo Walcott (pictured), who could easily have been on a hatrick but his lack of desire and commitment was just too obvious a disease that is ailing the whole Arsenal team.

Wenger is expired and he stands no chance of guiding Arsenal to the lofty standards he set  himself and just like say, everything always comes to an end, even good things, its really, really high time Arsenal moved on from Arsene. Arsenal need to be saved and Wenger is incapable of reviving it, ever.

Wenger must go for Arsenal to become a big team again.


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