Arsenal vs Liverpool:- The battle of perennial underachievers, most frustrating teams in the league.

When Arsenal beat Liverpool on the final day of the 1989 League season, it was a BATTLE OF TITANS!, with both teams being the most successful in English football by many miles ahead of the rest, as a matter of fact, before the change of format from and naming from English Football First Division to English Premier League in 1992, Only Arsenal 10 and Liverpool 18 had won it 10 more times, their nearest rival was Everton with 9.

Fast foward to 2017 and both teams have firmly established themselves as mid table teams with Liverpool having not won the League ever since its reformation and Arsenal having won it only 3 times in 27 years, but that is not where the real issue is, the real issue has been the way both clubs have been ran especially in recent times where failure has started being appreciated by both clubs.

As they meet tonight, both Arsenal and Liverpool know that they are nowhere near winning the league this season, as a matter of fact they are clearly out of it with only a very unrealistic mathematical chance to depend on. They will be fighting it out to keep their chances of top 4 alive, a feat that could prove impossible with Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham looking at times formidable competition and Manchester City running away with the title in mid-season!.

What has stagnated both clubs in recent years is their reliance on sub-standard players like Theo Walcott (Pictured), and Alberto Moreno among others. Walcott, ironically always flourishes against Liverpool with his better ever singular moment as a footballer came against the Merseysiders, but he has completely lost his way and many a fans are of the option that he should be released from the Arsenal.

Walcott’s run against Liverpool , his best ever singular moment as a footballer

Watching Arsenal vs Liverpool is always a fantastic experience and even if both clubs appears hopeless for now, the game tonight must be a perfect way to usher in Christmas and start celebrations and I will be hoping for an Arsenal win though betting wise, I believe the money is more safe placed on a draw.


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