Raila “fucks up” the Supreme Constitution of Kenya

Oppositions Leader has today rubbished the same Constitution he so astutely campaigned for in 2010 as the “Constitution my foot!!”. This came after foreign friends of Kenya tried to persuade him to cancel his illegal swearing in ceremony, scheduled for Tuesday, next week as it will only result in more and more casualties.

Led, by USA and the Great Britain, the same countries where Mr Odinga went to seek help into stopping the October 26 repeat elections he was misadvised to boycott, the calls have been raining in for Mr Odinga to stop the swearing in, and those calls have not been going well will Mr Odinga who is yet to accept defeat.

Speaking while addressing the mourners of the people killed during the illegal and banned meeting he called for by force, Mr Odinga accused foreign Governments of turning a blind eye on extra-judicial killings by the Kenyan police, despite the fact that his own supporters have been involved in arson, murder, rape and general disorder activities during this electoral period.

The Swearing-in Ceremony he is planning is ranked as a High Treason activity for all involved whose penalty is death, which in current Kenyan law is always commuted into a life sentence and even if Mr Odinga knows he can escape that rule, his supporters who gets involved in such an activity may be slapped by a death sentence.



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