300 million in one day????……Mr President you better make it worth it, You have 5 years.

Next week is payday for many, actually, were it not for the swearing in ceremony, many could have been receiving their pay packet on Tuesday, but the amount would have been dealt a significant blow by someone called PAYE. That is just one of the few taxes that are used to form the government fund, which will be short of the Sh300 million by the end of the day, Tuesday.

Kenyatta Swears

The man with the Golden Sword!.

It will be upto the Man with the Golden sword to spend the next 5 years justifying the ceremony both to his admirers and his worst critics as Sh300 million is not a small figure in the ears of Kenyans, most of who are languishing below the poverty line and are desperately seeking redemption.

As a President, he has a mountain to climb so as to get rid of the growing hatred among Kenyans, especially from different tribes who look at each other with eyes blinded by the propaganda that politicians have effectively used as a tool of trade so as to seek fake unity of purpose with unsuspecting Kenyans, who do not realize that they are only being tools in the works for the elites benefit.


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